Being there for somebody where I was

I’ve been locked up for 15 years. When I got out of prison I wanted out and I wanted to do right. Cause I made mistakes. I saw everybody going back to their old ways, but I couldn’t. It took me two years before I could find a job. I had friends that helped me getting back to life. But they have never been to prison. That’s very different. But when I came out they where there.
Last week I met up with a a guy who has been been in prison for 30 years and is now on his way out.
He has been in a halfway house for four years. He’s afraid to leave. Because he was a prisoner for so long. By all means that was what he’s used to. We sat down and talked and helped him through his hard time. He is coming out of his shell. And that made me feel a lot better.
I became his friend. His real friend. That’s what helps.  Just talking to him. Know what’s he’s been through. What I’ve been through. Knowing that. Being there for somebody where I was.
Seized by Kevin, Dallas, Texas, USA 2017.

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