Overcoming the language barrier

Here in Turkey one of the biggest obstacles in collecting beautiful moments is the language barrier. At the first night Figen teaches me how to say “do you want to draw a beautiful moment from last week?”. When I pronounce the word for moment  “anınızı” Figen starts to laugh really hard. Due to my intonation the word I say isn’t moment but a very bad swearing word. So Figen encourage me to ban the word “anınızı” from my repertoire and resort to the simple for of “an” instead. The next day on the street it turns out it are youngsters know some English. When I’m collecting at the Ferry where a lot of older people are, I ask a boy who has previously draw to help translate. So after the first collecting day I decide that the collecting improves a lot when I have help from people who understand Turkish. So in the latter days get help from Neriman, Meriç and Gulşah in collecting. They help me with translations. When I explained Neriman the concept she immediately took off with the markers and started to ask people with her enthusiastic smile.


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