A change of plans in Queenstown

The day starts of in Dunedin with baking pancakes and cookies. Aurora asks her fiance “Can we keep her?” In her green mini she brings me to a gas station so I can start to hitch hike to Queenstown. A home stay dad walks up to me at the gas station and offers me a ride to a better hitching spot out side of town. He loves being with his kids must he misses the camaraderie from colleges. His solution: fishing. He can talk to guys again. I share a ride with s mother with teen daughter visiting son in prison. “He’s in there for 2 years now. The beginning was though since you don’t know whats gonna happen.” Her son changed a lot. He grew up there. “He was cocky when he got in. He turned into a man. Is more responsible now.” The weekly drive to prison has become routine. Two 60 year old ladies bring me to further. One of them just started the nomadic live style.

At 6 pm I arrive in Queenstown, a lot of different languages occupy the streets. The kiwi accent isn’t prevalent. Since there are so many tourists I decide Queenstown isn’t going to be the place for me. I’m interested in the New Zealand story. So the schedule for the coming days is wide open, I also don’t know where I will stay at night. But there’s a party announced on couchsurfing, so it will work itself out. A fire is lit, music on. The first person I talk to is Ruby, an enthusiastic couchsurfer and filmmaker from Invercargill. She invites me to Invercargill. She’s driving there tonight or tomorrow at 6 am. But in the latter case she also has a place to stay for me. After a few hours of sleep I wake up in a vineyard surrounded by the mountains. Light is coming through The sun rises behind us. Ruby comments on the scenery: “It’s as if somebody put a smoke machine on behind that mountain and let it with a red light. ”
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