A kiss

Suddenly I get a lot of looks and frowns of other pasengers into my direction. I just mentioned the word sex in a Nepalese bus. Probably this isn’t normal behavior. Saugath and I are going to Times International College and now we are preparing my speeches. “Are there topics I should avoid or can’t talk about? Can I give the example that in Sweden people are more open about sex and also draw their sex moments more explicitly than in other countries?” According to Saugath it’s best to leave out the sex example. In Nepal people don’t talk about sex. Youngsters date but still arranged marriages are the norm.

When I enter the class room all the students stand up. They are around 17 years of age and preparing for university. I talk with them about Seize Your Moments and how you can achieve your dream. Off course I also ask them to draw. Since it’s almost break time there’s quite some turmoil. One boy, the clown of the class, keeps seeking attention. He knows how to say “Miss” at a loud voice a lot. He asks me what I think of his drawing. It a good one. He kisses his girlfriend in it. I ask him to show his drawing in front of the class. He answers he’s too shy for that. When he’s in front of class he has a shawl covering his mouth and he speaks in general about his moment, not that he kissed her. He doesn’t let the class mates see his drawing. When I show it to the whole class everybody laughs.
Back in the bus. “Did I do something wrong with showing the picture?” “No, it was just funny and he can handle it. Don’t worry.”
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