A month in Saigon

More than a month ago I arrived a Saigon. It turned out to be a place where I met great friends and could deal with a lack in motivation. When I arrived in Saigon I was full of energy. But it quickly turned. Collecting became something I had to do instead of wanting it. So I decided to take stock here. I focused on having friends around, working on the book, giving lectures, writing articles for magazines and doing a dare to ask session. It was a curious ride in which I didn’t know for sure whether my motivation would return. After the decision had been made to not collect for some time ideas came flowing soon. But they didn’t really seem to take off and for a couple of weeks my motivation was low. Although I knew the project was still a good idea. Now I wonder how it will be when I’ll be collecting again. I’m confident in the stories people will tell and my curiousity. I want to continue again. Thank you Tien for filming me today and encouraging me to also tell this part of the story. Thursday I’ll be on the road again. First a two week holiday in Cambodia and Thailand. And on May 9th I’ll start to collect in Malaysia. And that brings a smile on my face.
2014-03-27 05.41.31

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