"With my boyfriend I'm on top of a moment" Seized by Anonymous at Kings Garden Copenhagen on July 14th.
“With my boyfriend I’m on top of a mountain”
Seized by Anonymous at Kings Garden Copenhagen on July 14th.
When I walk into Kings Garden Copenhagen, I see the guards of the palace. So this is gonna be a guarded collection session. Most of the small groups I ask in the park start happily drawing immediately.

I go back to Achal, Tina and Janni to collect their drawings. Achal starts explaining his moment but then he interrupts. There’s something up. He tells me a man walked up to them a couple of minutes ago and told them we was going to commit suicide this evening. Achal thinks that with my beautiful moments I’m a good person to go and talk to the man.
So while Tina is calling the emergency number, Achal and I walk into the park to find the man. After a couple of minutes we find him. Calvin seems to be quite nervous and tells that today is going be the end. Achal explains him who I am and together we try to keep a conversation going. I ask him for the good things. He shows me a pen with which he wrote the birthday card to his daughter. He starts crying. Her name is Margreth, like the queen. Her second name is after Calvin’s mother and means good morning in Kenian. He can only see her once a week. His life has been hard. His father committed suicide in front of him and his mother died of AIDS.
Happy moments from his childhood include his father taking him to the national park. It was the only time he was allowed in his Mercedes. And every morning at exactly seven o clock, there was a commercial on the radio.
While he sings the tune, the police arrives. Two officers ask him about his plans and he reacts defensive and avoids the questions. They have a conversation for quite some time. One police man tells us he is well known by the police. He has done things before and they can’t bring him to a mental institution if he doesn’t want to. After the police is gone, the man sits with us for a while and we talk. Then he leaves and says goodbye with a smile.

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