An unexpected beautiful moment

An unexpected beautiful moment

The dinner table of my host family in Dallas is full of concentration. Nine year old Ana bangs a hammer on the nails  to do nail art. Next to me her younger sister Gabri is writing a song on paper. She comes up with the lyrics herself and from time to time she asks me how a particular word is spelled. I point out she wrote her y’s in the wrong direction.  This is the starting point of a meltdown. Oops. Gabri rips out the piece of paper out of her book, and buries her head in her fold up arms. She cries silently. I talk to her about how mistakes are the way to learn and try to comfort her. But I don’t think I’m getting through. I feel uneasy. She keeps hiding her face. I give her space. Eventually she takes a new paper and starts to write the song again. I applaud her she wrote the y’s correctly.
Half an hour later we’re in the car heading for dinner. Gabri has her book and markers like she always does. I think she’s still working on the song. Suddenly she hands me a piece of paper with a drawing: ‘When I messed up my paper and you helped me through it.’
This was one of my beautiful moments last week. Today is Moment Monday. What is one of your beautiful moments of last week?
'I messed up my paper and you helped me.' Seized by Gabri on July 22 2016.
‘I messed up my paper and you helped me.’
Seized by Gabri on July 22 2016.

Gabri beautiful moment I messed up and you helped me

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