The fountains in the pond of Chang Mai Park, Thailand sprinkle their water, giving refreshment to the people lying in the park. Everyone is in the shade. A mother draws the park helped by her 2 year old son. Somewhat further a Chinese student sits with her father and mother. It’s spring break so she has taken them to enjoy a holiday in Thailand. They are a happy family. Why? “It’s my mother, it’s my father and we are healthy.” Next to the ice cream seller sits a sculptor on a bench. He is from Korea. I give him five random markers and he asks with which he should draw. You can use them all. He chooses the green one. Because I’m an active woman. He shows me the color of the leaves when I ask why green is an active color. I have to sit next to him and I’am not allowed to watch. He signs his drawing and suggest that I should make everybody signing their drawing. It adds to the drawings. Before he takes of on his bicycle he orders an ice-cream for me. The many little scoops are refreshing. 2014-01-27 12.48.49

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