Conought Palace. The traffic on the big  roundabout is fierce. Claxoning TukTuks, cars, riksha’s and motors all drive around and the invisible lines they are following are numourous. The roundabout is surrounded with Brittish imperial style buildings full with expensive shops and western establishments. This is the heart of New Delhi. And in the middle of all this turmoil is a park, central park. The dried out gras gets sprayed with water. Three man replace a lightbulb in a lamppost. One on the ladder, One holding the ladder and the third is wating it al.  You see couples being together.  a normal sight in India, but in the parks is a place were couples can be together. Groups of youngsters chill out in on the grass. On the lower stairs of the amphitheatre sits a group of adolescents. One group of girls cheeky laughing with each other.  Three meters away five boys.  They check each other out constantly. A lot of laughter in both groups when I ask them to draw. While the boys watch, the Girls start to draw: how they went window shopping in the mall and that familiy is the best there is. The girls give me quickly the cards, I have to keep them down so the boys don’t see them. 2013-12-21 13.35.44

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