The data analysis has started

Wow. What a great weekend was it. The data analysis has been kicked of in a beautiful way. On Friday we started of at the University of Leiden in the Hague. I gave a short presentation about the project to an enthousiastic group of students. One of them even drew a moment in the train, three years ago. We began tagging and uploading the moments.
Also the tagging and uploading party in Utrecht on Saturday and Sunday was awesome. Good food, laughter and curiosity about the moments. “Have you seen this one?” Competitions about who uploaded the most amount of moments. Coen is the winner, for now. And a lot of people joined online and started tagging. Top tags include Sun, People and Trees. Also Curtains, Arrows and Drumsticks are mentioned.

The tagging has just started and your help is still largely appreciated. So if you have want to see drawings which make you smile. Leave your address here:
More tagging parties will come up and if you want to have oen at your university, group or home. That would be awesome!

Big thanks for this weekend go to:
– Web nerd Coen for joining me all weekend and coming up with great ideas behind his tetris screen.
– Cissie and Marki for arranging a wonderful meeting in The Hague. Cissie, your enthusiasm is contagious.
– Mike for helping to set up the Podio environment. And answering his phone immediately when there was some technical panic.
– Podio who offered sponsorship so we can use their software for free
– Cathelijne for inviting the tagging party into her home and joining us with a lot of fun.
– Elma for doing so much.
– Nicole for tagging the most amount of moments this weekend.
– Esther and Eva for uploading moments.
– Kamilla, Simone and Kim for making sure the right pictures accompany the moments.
– Annechien, Amanda, Anniek, Bianca, Cat, chantal, Frederic, Frederique, Iris, Lobke Markolf, Melinda, Olwen, Nima, Riannon, Sanne, Simon, Sophia and Thysa.


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