So that every time it goes black, we can look into the light

Sometimes I read something about myself which makes me cry. Heide’s reaction is such a thing.

“I remember meeting her at a sandwich stand in Laos, she pulled out her a pile of postcards; half consisting of tiny little colorful art pieces of all varieties and some blank ones. She handed me one, and asked me and another girl to draw our happiest moment from last week. I sat there, puzzled. I was Stunned. We collect our happiest memories and carry them with us, but these small little moments, every day, in-between the large moments are so important lingering by. Then, a year ago on a wooden bench post-food poisoning, I couldn’t know straight away – I mean – All the events to choose from! Last week and this week and the whole month blurred together, like my head was so full but at the same time a whooshing empty. Though I was on the most magical journey of my life, it was so hard to find one Single in that moment. It made me Start thinking :-).
Now I know what I would’ve drawn from this week. (PLEASE JANNE LET ME DRAW IT HAHAHAHAH) Every week since then, perhaps. She shook something awake. Living in the moment is beautiful, but memories, small little things making us smile, are so important to remember, too. So that every time it goes black, we can look into the light and think; what beautiful thing happened last week?”

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