flying with the royal flying doctors

Eve smiles. “You can’t do anything half, can you? You’re are in for it all.” I lay in a hospital bed with my neck secured in a brace, waiting for an airplane to take me to the closest hospital 500 kilometers away. Earlier that day I was walking with my friends Eve and Jenny in the Kata Tjuta on a rocky path. I tripped over and my head landed on a big stone. My friends acts as heroes and bring me to the Yulara clinic. The day isn’t bad and humor is key. Eve and Jenny wonder whether there are hot boys at the clinic. When we are there the nurses Rob and Karen take excellent care of me. Since I have pain in my neck as well, precaution is key and x-rays have to be taken in a real hospital. When they stabilize my neck security guard mike holds my head with warm hands. He’s going to put these new skills on his resume. In the middle of the night Rob and I are laughing in an ambulance towards the airport. “Is this a happy moment?” “Yes it is. I’ve never flown with the flying doctors before.”
Completely strapped in I’m loaded in the airplane, a perfect position to have a look at the dark sky filled with stars. After a smooth flight in which I mainly sleep we arrive in Alice Springs. Luckily, the x-rays and the CT-scans don’t show abnormalities. The coming days I have to take it easy in order for my headaches and dizziness to disappear. So nothing is really wrong. My doctor asks me how I go to the closest hostel. “I’m walking.” “No, you’re not. You need a ride. You can’t carry your backpack.” She takes her car keys and brings me to the hostel 2 minutes down the road. There I open my backpack and discover a stuffed animal inside.

"Enjoy your happy moments Johanna.  Happy Travels Yulera Clinic 27/7/2014"
“Enjoy your happy moments Johanna.
Happy Travels
Yulera Clinic

P.S. the coming week I’ll update as little as possible.

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