Hiking on their honeymoon

A couple on their way back from honeymoon. Unknown to each other they both draw the same moment. After days of rain the sun is here and they sit in front of their tent with a little fire.

Two years ago she received some strange letters. They came from a Norwegian man who used to live in the neighbourhood of her parents. During the war he had fallen in love with a German girl but they could be together. So back in Norway he married another woman, although he kept writing her. His letters were like a journal. Her brothers were pretty upset when they found out  about his letter  and forbid him to write again otherwise they would tell her. The man didn’t stop writing but stopped with posting them. The man had died and in his will was written that these letters had to be sent to the woman of the wedding couple. So she got the letters, one by one. In one of them there was also something about a box he had hidden and he was sure the girl would find a good destination for this treasure.

it's dry and we can sit outside the tent with a fire during our honey moonThe couple didn’t really believe the story. They had checked the letters by a historian and they were really old. So 1 year ago they went to Norway to dig up the box. It was after a long hike the treasure hunt was over. They found the box and a engagement ring was inside. With help of friends all across Europe the boy had it all set up. With chemicals at the university he had made the letters look old. His brothers buried the box and also he didn’t know where it was hidden.  So for their honeymoon they had to go for a hike in Norway.

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