A quick glance at the screen with departures: 2100 Melbourne, desk 3. I sprint towards desk 3. 5 minutes before I have to check in I’m at the corner. Or at least I thought so. After going through my papers for ten minutes, she informs me I’m at the wrong terminal. I run of to terminal 1, but the desks are closed. Nobody to be seen. No checking in for me.

At the information point they hand me a phone to reschedule my flight. Off course, I’m disappointed. Especially when I hear the credit card damage. But very quickly I start to laugh about myself. All these small silly small delays and decisions today which caused me to miss a flight. I don’t care anymore about the missed flight and continue life.

I app a friend, she immediately offers me a place to sleep and heads off to the airport. A big smile approaches me at the airport: “Things happen for a reason. I can’t believe you missed your flight.” We can’t stop laughing. I don’t think things happen for a reason, but you can decide to make the best of each situation and then cool things can happen.

So next day, I’ve time to discover the Bukit Brown cemetery. It’s a big old Chinese cemetery overgrown by nature. It’s impressive and doesn’t look like Singapore. I love this piece of jungle. The crooked pathways along high trees, birds flying over me and butterflies on the tomb stones.

I also get a message of someone I met earlier in the week during one of my talks. She saw I was still in Singapore and asks whether we could meet up. She wants to give me something for my travels. Sure. I see her at the bus stop for ten minutes. She says she supports every year a dreamer and hands me an envelope. A quick glance into the white paper: 100-AUD notes.
Hurray, I missed a flight.

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