Shardul sees me standing outside and greets me with open arms. He had read about me and invited me over at the Lotus Heart. A vegetarian restaurant he and his friends run in Christchurch. It was a real treat. The food was delicious. I took half of the desert home so I could enjoy it longer.

But I was even more impressed by Sharduls’ beautiful moment. How much emphasis and love he put on his mothers perspective.
At the age of 54, Shardul met his mother and his siblings for the first time. They came over all the way from Auckland. Shardul was adopted when he was little. “They took me immediately away from my mother. She didn’t even hear me cry. That was probably a good thing. It would have made it harder. A mother always wonders what happened with her kid. So I’m so glad she could meet me.”

Shardul grew up in a good family. He never had bad feelings about the adoption. Sometimes he was a bit curious, but not enough to actually start the search. He wondered whether she was still alive. He gained an extra family. “She’s in her eighties and has been a professional cake maker her whole life. In the 8 weeks I know her now, she sent me 4 cakes. A good score.”

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"At the age of 54, I meet my mother, my brother and my sisters for the first time."
“At the age of 54, I meet my mother, my brother and my sisters for the first time.”

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