moments from BerlinDSC00131It’s a sunny Sunday in Berlin. So what better way then spend it in Mauerpark at the flea market and the bearpit Karaoke. Where 25 years ago the Wall was and you were killed to be here. Everybody can do whatever they want. Playing basketball, singing karaoke in front of a crowd or collecting beautiful moments.


Usually I ask people personally to draw their beautiful moment, but if there is a crowd why not get on stage ask do an announcement. Joe the moderator thinks it’s cool so I get on. On stage he asks me whether I’m going to sing. No, I don’t. So he encourages the public to boo, but booing is not what this audience like best. After I ask people to draw hands go in the air and I’m just giving markers and cards to whoever want to draw, even quite some rows above where I’m standing. Markers, drawings and thank you cards go around the audience.CAM00020 Because so many people are participating Peter and Catia help me to collect some drawings. Peter comes back with great drawings, stories and his breast pocket full of felt-tip markers. After the collecting we show the audience what they have drawn. Love with romantic sunsets, falling in love and kisses in the night. Berlin with coming to Berlin per plain, the bierfest and the Bearpit Karaoke and surprises like a weird look from a friend, a butterfly you see and a good piece of cake. A lot of happiness concentrated on one place.

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