More Men
In India more men then woman draw beautiful moments around 70% against 30%. A big difference with Europe where the numbers are the opposite.   If you walk into a Delhi metro you can already know why,  so I asked Shekhar:  “Why do I see hardly any woman if I travel with the metro?” Shekhar: “They’re in the front carriage, that one is woman only.” For safety reasons the Delhi Metro promotes the use of the woman only carriage. But still, the woman only carriage is one of the eight cars. It’s a picture which holds in general for Delhi. You see far more men than woman in the street.
Albeit, this is just a part of the story. If you ask a mixed group in Europe, it isn’t uncommon to point to a woman and say “she will do it.” Women are supposed to be more creative. When asking a mixed group in India no such preference for a woman arises. Whether you go to a bridal shop where the dresses are made or other creative enterprises you see men. Women in India tend to be more on the background when being in mixed groups. It’s most likely a man answers and take up the markers.
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