A theme which regularly pops up in the drawings here in Denmark is Roskilde. Many youngsters have been there and draw it. Actually, My main host in Copenhagen, Christian, met a friend of mine at the festival a week ago and that’s why I have a place to sleep in Copenhagen. Mostly the tents of Roskilde are being drawn. 2013-07-14 17.41.12
WZL drew her own touching moment. During Roskilde she had to release the build up tension and stress so she found a place with stones and trees. There she lie down on the ground, relaxed and had a good cry. She noticed that the people passing by where really looking at her, not the normal looking but more the staring kind. And all those people were touching the big rock in the middle of the circle with trees. She didn’t know why so she asked a guy on a bike standing at the trees. The guy explained it was a monument for the 2000 tragedy. During the Pearl Jam concert nine people died in the crowd. The guy had to cry and quickly took off.

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