Saigon, Bangkok and a rice baby

A vegetarian canteen in Bangkok. Big tiles on the floor, a tv plays Thai music and a pond with waterfall on the site. Nga and I welcome each other with a big hug. I also get to meet Tieme, who travels the world by bike. Two months earlier Nga welcomed me with the message “If Im not home when you arrive, you can find the keys in my mailbox.” This wonderful and smart lady gave me my first home in Saigon. When I left she promised me a beautiful moment from her trip in Thailand.

“me and my travelmate camping in a hidden corner next to a tiny stream, laying our heads on each other’s belly talking the night away under a perfect crescent moon, and we even had our own tree. The red dot on my right is our ‘rice baby’*. Not pictured: the mosquitoes army and uncooked instant noodle (please my Asian heritage don’t kill me).

*’rice baby’: our camping stove was broken and we were too lazy to build a fire, so we resorted to the next cheap way of making food: put rice and water and all other ingredients for a kick-ass curry-‘porridge’ in the pot, asked a streetside restaurant to boil it for us, then swaddled the pot in three layers of towels and scarf to finish cooking. It was food so of course I was as thorough and gentle as swaddling an infant.”
Seized by Nga in Thailand on may 1st 2014.


2014-05-04 15.05.36

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