2013-09-02 17.36.14-1According to the the World Happiness Report by the University of Columbia Serbia is one of the unhappiest countries in the world. When I confronted people with this finding, all agreed that Serbians are unhappy. There is no money and not much perspective: “Unemployment is huge, you’ve corruption and the mafia.” or “We live in a third world country.” But being asked whether they themselves are happy gives different responses. Especially students indicate they are happy. A 20-year-old Iron Maiden fan replies: “I’m happy but I’m a student. Ask my parents, they work all day.”
So the next day, I decide another approach: Now I told people I’ve heard that Serbia is the happiest country in the Balkans. Half of the people agree, live is not all to bad. A seventeen year old girl in a pizza bar explains: Their is no money, but I love Serbia. It’s good hanging out with my friends here, better than being at home with my parents. The other half disagrees. A man who has been unemployed for four years says: “Have you seen the faces here? They don’t look happy here. They are nervous.”

Although people indicate the unhappiness of Serbia, they don’t find it difficult to remember a beautiful moment to draw. Only one older lady at Republic square said she couldn’t participate, since she doesn’t have any good moments. She simply doesn’t have them. While I’m talking to the people next to her, she walks up to me with a smile. “Could you give me one? I know what to draw. My son playing soccer.”

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