Her arms are crossed close to her body and her palms are closed in strong fists. In one of them she holds a card. 19 year old Mon tells about her dream to travel the world and make friends with strangers, but she reckons she’s too shy for that. She explains her closed body posture and touches my arm so I can feel how cold she is. Surprise glows all over her face when I tell her her English is good enough and I can understand her.

“From the outside I look like a boy. I like to skateboard and play basketball. From the inside I’m a girl and I like boys like normal girls do. People are confused though they think I’m a boy when they meet me” “Does that bother you?” “No, this is me.”

The palms of her hands are wide open.

“You’re very talkative” “Yes, I’m always like that if I’m with friends and you’re like a friend now.” Also for me talking to strangers isn’t always effortless I explain. With my cards it’s easy because then it’s isn’t about me but about the moments. I invite her to help me with translating if she wants to at some point. Later she walks up to us and takes a stack of empty cards. When I ask somebody to draw and she responds with a puzzled look. Mon steps in and explains in Vietnamese. Her arms are long and close to her body and she has fists, but she dares.


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