"My son is so relaxed when he's being breast feeded." Seized by Petra on August  29th 2013.
“My son is so relaxed when he’s being breast feeded.” Seized by Petra on August 29th 2013.
The crisis has hits hard here, especially psychologically. Since their independence Slovenians have worked hard for a better future. And they got one. Tomorrow was always a better day. But now with the crisis tomorrow isn’t always a better day. Some Slovenians call it a reality check.

The crisis is also the reason why people here react very enthusiastically on Seize Your Moments. Many people start to draw or offer their help. In cafés people spontaneously offer me coffee or give ten euro to pay for my lunch tomorrow.
The crisis is the reason why people evaluate their lives now and consider what’s valueble to them in life. One and a half year ago Petra tought Seize Your Moments is nice. Now she says it’s very important. “What changed?” “The crisis. It’s makes you realize what really matters and what the good moments are.”

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