2013-07-20 14.27.28The tallships are in town. So together with Maria I head to Suomenlinna. It’s an island just outside Helsinki on which a big fortress was build. From here we can watch the tallships leaving and heading to next city. We’re not the only ones with this idea. The cliff is full with people watching the ships. So it’s naturally that on this place lots of ships are being drawn. Not a lot of people draw here. But some do and tell amazing things. A woman tells me about an interesting study about happiness. In a comparison between the happiness of people in the west and eastern (former sovjet union) parts of Europe they found the following. In Western Europe those who value universalism and benevolence are happier than those who value achievement and power. In eastern Europe you find the reversed effect. There people who find achievement and power more in important are happier than those who prefer universalism and benevolence. More of these interesting conversations happen this day. At a square I talk to Mindy who likes the idea a lot and gives me some advice and people I should contact. In the following days I can meet one of them and Tino Singh helps me with some great advice.

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