Janne was speaker at TEDxGroningen!

“Just come over. I’ll leave the door of my hotel room open.” My oldest brother just called he arrived in Groningen. Today I’ll give a TEDx talk. When I walk out of the shower -my hair still wet-  he’s already there. “I have to leave for the Stadsschouwburg in 10 minutes. Shall I do a practice run?” He puts a timer on and sets himself down on the bed. Me standing and just doing the talk for him. Just him. “This is it.” I say and look him in the eye. It’s watery. He doesn’t have to say a thing.

This is the TEDx talk I delivered in Groningen, The Netherlands on November 20th. For more information and the beautiful blog of Marit Coehoorn, take a look http://tedxgroningen.com/talks/janne-willems/

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