Near the tower of Dhahara in Kathmandu, Nepal is a peaceful square. Older men sit on the benches in the shade of trees, guys hang round the railing watching the little pond, most people just walk by. I walk to the first bench and people react very positive. Also the spectators start drawing. Then a guard walks up to me. “You should move to the other side of the square.” Surrounding me is a big crowd which blocks the entrance to the tower. According to the crowd management tactics of the guards if I move, the crowd also will move. I move to the other part of the square. But although some people move with me, the rest just stays drawing. On the other end I ask a couple of older man to draw and also here a big crowd emerges. Since I’m not allowed to move, Saugath, Manosh and his brother take care of the first part of the square and the four of us are running around to keep an eye on the drawing people and make sure people can tell their stories. It’s a peaceful square after all.
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