World Cup

“Where are you from?” “The Netherlands” The last weeks the common reply to this answer is a comment on how the Netherlands was doing in the world cup. Ranging from “That was a good game last night” to “you must be sad now” or “I hope you guys win”. A Chilean guy said “You’re not gonna like this”. He turned his head, so he didn’t have to look while he handed me a pre-game drawing and said “you’re not gonna like this.”. He predicted a 3-0 win for Chili.
Also moments of the world cup are being drawn. It are not that many and mainly drawn by foreigners. The games were broadcasted during the night, so not that many Australians watched them. But the Tim Cahill goal against the Netherlands was one which came up a couple of times.

2014-07-19 09.28.33

2014-07-19 09.28.11

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