Great that you want to know more about collecting beautiful moments! You can ask people you already know to draw or walk up to strangers. It’s up to you.
Tips for making a beautiful moment from the last week:

  • I’m happy with anything: ugly or really beautiful, big or small moments, strange or everyday, drawn, cut, pasted, a photo collage, painted, written or something else.
  • Make your moments as specific as possible. Rather than saying a certain concert was great, refer to the particular song which made your spine tingle.
    Whatever you do, it will make me happy.
  • By taking part, you give me permission to publish the moment in various ways: on this blog, in a book, in magazines, etc. Submission of a moment does not guarantee that it will automatically be added to the website.

Tips for collecting beautiful moments:

  • Ask it with a smile and have fun.
  • It’s a question so give people the opportunity to say no.
  • Say Thank you.

You can upload the moments here:
Feel free to contact me for extra tips and collecting cards. You can also download the collecting and thank you card here.