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Want to learn how to be happier? How to overcome obstacles? And how to make things blossom?

What happens if you decide to travel the world and ask people to draw a beautiful moment? How do people react? What do they draw? What are the differences in happiness between countries? And how do you make a project like this happen with very limited resources?

My talks, workshops and lectures are inspiring, thought provoking and disarming. From the first TEDx ever held in a train to a talk and draw session in a Cafe in Kuala Lumpur. I always craft my talks to the listeners and are therefore interactive.

For the happiness Meetup in Melbourne I talked in dept about how happiness looks like all over the world. What can we learn from the thousands of drawings of beautiful moments?  How can this improve your own live?

At RMIT University in Saigon I spoke to marketing and communications students on how to get started on their own dreams. Seize Your Moments is a project realized with very limited resources so especially for students this gives plenty of insights and actions they immediately can undertake.

What people say

Janne is a delightful, warm and open human being on a wonderful journey. A real delight to listen to someone with such a simple but powerful idea connecting us with others and our own great moments.


Brilliant! Janne entertained us with inspiring anecdotes about her motivation, the process and outcomes of asking strangers in many countries to draw a moment of happiness. Our turn to draw and re-live while sharing our moments became a bonding, happiness half hour. Janne relies on the kindness of strangers to provide accommodation, supplies, and other needs, to make her dream – this journey possible; her optimism and experiences makes this sound easy. I returned home with many creative ideas for achieving my fantasy, and, interim employment.


Inspirational meetup. Janne’s courage and enthusiasm is infectious!


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