School Research Project

In October 2018 high schools can have the chance to participate in the Seize Your Moments research project. It’s a fun five week long program where students draw their beautiful moments once a week and share this moment with a student from another country.  Together with the University of Groningen the beautiful moments and the cultural differences will be analyzed. Dr. N.M.P de Ruiter and Dr. E.S, Kunnen will conduct the research analysis.

The procedure:

In the week before the program starts students fill out a short questionnaire in class. During the five week long program there will be a weekly  15 minute Seize Your Moments Session. During that session students watch an instruction video, draw their beautiful moment and fill out a short questionnaire. Students are also coupled with a buddy student from another country and will be asked to video chat weekly with their buddy to talk about their beautiful moment and what it means to them.

A month after the last Seize Your Moments Session students fill out another short questionnaire.

How can our school participate?

Just fill in the form and Janne will call you back about all the details and further questions you may have.


We are a primary/middle school, can we also join?

The research project aims at high school students between 14 and 19 years of age. If you have younger students but still want to draw and share beautiful moments with students from other countries you can. In that case you can do a 5 weekly program or a weeklong program without the research questions. You can register here.

Are there costs involved?

There are no costs for participating schools involved.

How do you deal with consent?

Both students and their parents have to fill in an informed consent form.

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