2013-09-09 13.25.51Veliki Park Sarajevo, Bosnia. She is with her grandma and mother. The adults don’t want to participate. I ask her mother if she wants to draw, she denies. But the litlle girl has seen my box with markers. So when I’m sitting on a bench 15 meters away from them she walks up to me. I give her a bright green marker and she immediately runs off to her grandmother. I show her the card and she walks back to me. With the amount of colors I have, she wants to try them all. So after half a minute she communicates the other colors I should get her. We don’t talk, but we understand each other well. When I get a phone call she looks a little bit alarmed because of my weird language. But I smile to her and she continues coloring. Her mother comes to get her and I look at the drawing: 17 colors.

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