When I head to the city by bike, my host Harald gives me the most clear directions I’ve ever encountered: “And then just follow gravity and common sense. Oh and you’ve got a map off course.” And indeed after going downhill I’m in the center of Stockholm. Again it’s a sunny day, so I head to a park. This time it’s Tantolunden. The park is one big party park. A big group of friends is making music. They have brought drums, a saxophone, an electric guitar and even a xylophone.The barbecues are getting fired up. Many groups and people bathing in the sun. Underneath the trees a group of local drunks resides. The assignment is a little bit hard to understand for them but the drawing part they like very much. A lot of smiling faces while drawing.
In this park not everyone is willing to cooperate. Since people here are getting used to requests they also use the possibility to say no after my first “May I ask you something”question. But those who start drawing are really into it and make the most elaborate pictures and spent more time than usual on them. A lot of sunsets are drawn and the music, here in the park. 2013-07-17 17.21.31 A guy draws his beer. 2013_07_19_06_26_40
Jessica and her friend thought to play badminton but the sun was too shiny. Laying in the sun is the best option. I talk with them for a while. They ask me how I in every city come up with such good places where to collect. I just ask. I ask where people gather and where they have time. And then you can end up in those cool places. 2013-07-17 17.26.43

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