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“With our feet in the fountain.” Seized on July 8th by Dany in London.

Welcome in England where the locks turn the other way. Approaching people is still the same though. A smile helps a lot, just as knowing that every answer they give is okay. Nothing is obliged.
Together with my father I go to London. In the Eurostar we collected some first class moments. A family came back from Disney Land and Buzz Light Year made a big impression on the 8 year old girl. A man didn’t know what to draw until he looked at his 6 month old son sleeping in the arms of his mother.
It’s sunny and warm in London. 28 degrees and at the station big signs are explaining the risks of the heat: Take water with you. Do not enter the train when you don’t feel well. And if you don’t feel well during the journey get out at the next stop so people can assist you.
A warm day, so let’s head to the parks. Hide Park is beautiful and a good place to collect. Mainly tourists are drawing since most Londoners are on a tight schedule during lunch time. I come across Lee, a teacher. In a few days he will see his new class for next year and has to come up with an activity for these 10-year-olds. While drawing his own moment he knows what to do. I give him 25 empty cards. 2013-07-09 14.30.45
At Buckingham Pallace it is very easy to collect moments. Everyboday says yes. The British tourists had enough time and became enthousiastic drawers rapidly. A school class  compares their moments with eacher other. Matthew gives me his moment. He has drawn Buckingham Palace. He says to the others with a big smile “You see, she recognized it instantly.”


In the afternoon, we enter a pub. It’s clear. This is the place to meet Londoners and they happily start drawing. Walt, an elderly man who saw a dog very similar like the one he used to love many years ago.

"I saw a dog very similar to the one I used to love many years ago. The dog really smiled at me." Seized by Walt on July 9th 2013 in London.
“I saw a dog very similar to the one I used to love many years ago. The dog really smiled at me.” Seized by Walt on July 9th 2013 in London.

The bartender who had a new apartment. The man enjoying his pint. 2013-07-09 19.10.38

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