Janne was a speaker at TEDx Maastricht!

In cooperation with the Dutch Railways and SocialCoup√©, TEDx Maastricht presents a unique initiative: the TEDx BrainTrain. The basic principle is to use the train as a platform for inspiring TEDx talks with travelers as an audience. Prior to the main event on September 4 at the Theater aan het Vrijthof, a TEDx Coupe was created in the Intercity between Amsterdam and Maastricht on Sunday 1st and Tuesday 3rd of September. In response to the so-called ‘Silent compartment’ in the Dutch trains, TEDx Maastricht has arranged the ‘Talking Compartment’. Goal: setting up a compartment where passengers meet and where conversations are held. The formula is simple and follows the general TEDx events; interesting speakers tell inspiring stories of up to 10 minutes. Between Maastricht and Amsterdam there is sufficient time for seven stories that inspire. Speakers voluntarily participate in this special project, but travel for free.

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