The question in every city is; Where do people gather? Where do they hang out? Where do they have time to draw? And most cities have specific answers to these questions. In London you have to go to the pub at 18 o clock, In Cologne the fountain near the bridge is a good spot and in Copenhagen you can go to a graveyard. 2013-07-15 16.53.24
At Assistents Kirkegard, very close to the city centre of Copenhagen, almost all the famous Danish including Andersen have been buried there. Between the graves there’s a lot of green space: lawns, bushes, paths and many trees. So it looks like a park and the Danish use it as a park. You find people running, strolling with baby carriages, relaxing in the grass, having a beer or barbecue together.

I was told this would be a good collecting spot, since it’s a place where many people hang out. My advisor turned out to be correct. It’s a happy collecting here. Many groups start drawing. A festive group of barbecueing youngsters draw party moments like chatting with each other and taking heroin. A couple starts drawing each other. According to himself he didn’t really succeed. So he ended up with a drawing of a man face with his girlfriends hair.2013-07-15 16.55.31 A lady with her child in the carriage draws the beginning of the Ramadan. Good results from the doctor are being drawn and a Polish girl studying here came across a boat on which a jazz band was performing. While the boat floated through the canals, she strolled with it along side. It was one the most beautiful sunsets she had ever experienced. 2013-07-15 17.07.38

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