Come and tag with us all the beautiful moments

Hidden in all the wonderful stories of the world tour are patterns. So time for some analyzes. What is the country where the most kisses are drawn? How much people drew seeing the sunset while sitting on a bench? Which color is used most often? How awesome would it be to find those and much more? A lot of interesting questions rise if you have a kilometer long of beautiful moments.

So this is the plan:

In the weekend of February 21th and 22th I’m gonna give you access to all the moments. And I invite everybody to describe and tag all the drawings from the world tour. If we are with 400 people, then everybody just has to describe 10 drawings. So this means a lot of help and a lot of fun.

How can you help?
Subscribe below and I’ll send you an invitation for the data-environment. On the 20th everything is online and you can start tagging, just from your home. I’m happy with just with 10 ten minutes but I won’t stop you if you want to tag the whole day :-). It would be great if we can get this done.

If you don’t like to sit alone behind your laptop. Invite some friends over and have a tagging party. Or join us at the Seize Your Moments Data HQ, Atlasdreef 237 in Utrecht. There will be cookies, great people and lots of fun. Bring your own laptop. We start at 10 in the morning, just drop in when you feel like it.

Can’t wait until the 21st? You don’t have to. The weekend kicks of on the 20th with an a talk and tagging session at Future Friday by i4c. The i4C is the active student community of Leiden University in the City of The Hague and supported by the Centre for Innovation The Hague. You’re most welcome from 17.00 to 20.00 at the living lab, Schouwburgstraat 2 The Hague.

Sign up below:

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