At ten o’clock in the morning I board the train. With my in the coach are some groups. Firemen on a trip, a skittle club on their way to Hamburg, a group of elderly couples and a group of young women. It’s all beers and cheers. The talking is at a loud and joyfull level. Beers and snaps are getting shared, just as German sausages .
I’m sitting next to a woman who turns 60 this year. She and her husband used to be motor riders and going everywhere on the bike. Due to illness they are now taking the train. She doesn’t pity herself. Life has been good and she enjoys the moments she haves. In order to enjoy the moments it’s important to be relaxed and without stress. She doesn’t have stress but her daughter does. So if she could have a card for her daughter?
After Hamburg I meet two German living in the Netherlands. So we speak a mixture of Dutch and German. I’m tired so I a sleep a while, when I wake up they first don’t understand me because my first sentence is in English. Then they say: “In five minutes we are on a boat and you have to leave the train.” Okay. So the train gets on the boat and it’s time for my first collection session on a boat. The sun is shining and the wind isn’t really a problem. Holidays are being drawn and the sun of course. The people here are happy to cooperate. When Danish people think they can’t draw. They don’t just say ‘I can’t draw’, instead they start laughing.
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