Awesome times

Awesome times

Sometimes you need a break, sometimes you don’t. I thought after completing the collecting of Australia and New Zealand I would need holidays. But I don’t. There are a lot of stories tumbling in my head which tickle me to be written. So for the next month I’m in Christchurch working on my book.
I’m writing in a cool co-working place called Ministry of Awesome Headquarters filled with great people. They strengthen ideas and people to do amazing stuff in Christchurch.

The book is going to be about the stories and beautiful moments of the first three continents of the world tour. Do you want to help with the book or do you know somebody who does? That would be great.
I’m looking for
-people who like to think along on how the book should look like and what the structure would be.
-people who want to help with analyzing the moments
-an awesome graphic designer
-proofreaders and editors
– any good advice on how to make a book.
The choice for a publisher or self-publishing isn’t made yet. So if you know a publisher who would fit with this book project that would be great.

In November I’ll return to the Netherlands for a couple of months to work further on the book, do talks and workshops. So also open for great ideas then. Shoot.

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