Back to the US

Back to the US

The motors of the plane roar, I’m off to the states. This time I’m coming because of the elections. No matter what the outcome of the elections will be, there will be a problem on Wednesday. Almost half of the country won’t agree with the result. And feel unheard and left out. The election campaign has been one of big divides which is summed in the question most voters try to answer: Who are you against?
The elections amplify the existing polarizations in the states.  And you don’t fix polarizations with more rhetoric about “the other”, whether it are Hispanics, Muslims, blacks, whites, gay, straight, democrats or republicans.  The only thing which helps is to go back to people size. To talk about you and I, instead of us and they. To make it personal. And that’s where stories come in. A beautiful moment drawn by somebody says something about that person. It isn’t a group statement.  They help to make things personal again.  To make people trust strangers.
And although it’s really clear for me I have to be in the States now. The rest isn’t. I leave the country at the end of January. The first month I’m in Dallas, but I haven’t a clue what I will do after. Nor are there any gigs coming up yet. It’s all ups for grabs. I find it remarkable how this blatant uncertainty doesn’t unphase me. I believe that if I do what I deem needs to be done, things work out.  And I’ll discover how that looks like.
So I’m here to share the stories people tell me. About what connects us as humans. What drives us? what makes us happy? Because that’s what’s needed now.


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