Collecting on election day

Collecting on election day

I don’t know what this day will bring. But I’m curious, so I set out to collect beautiful moments on election day. In my head there’s this conversation on how much I should talk about the elections. On one hand I want to know from people how they view the elections. On the other hand I don’t want this to interfere with them reliving their moments and really give them the joy of their own memories. So I set out to just listen. And if elections come up, I love to know more, but it’s up to them. A couple of people bring it up. Kris says: ‘I can’t sit still in the house today and just watch television. Nothing happens all day, the news will come later.’ At first he doesn’t know what to draw but then decides on drawing us on the bench. He adds later: ‘I reallly think you are my best moment of the week.’

Like most days
The moments of today are like most days. About other people and doing things together. Kristin had her Father in law’s 70 birthday. Zoë draws being with family. She tells her teenage son: ‘Be appropriate.’ I tell Lucian he doesn’t have to. He asks his mother how to draw a weed leaf. Not that he smokes, and his mother is glad for that. But he likes playing online games, has made lots of friends all over the world. And yesterday he played a game which features drugs. Further down the line sits Arletha on her way to pick up her daughter. ‘It’s needed what you do. People are so into their business, go go go. They forget.’ She drew how her boyfriend graduated. Her two year old daughter is bigger then on the picture. She already knows her abc and recognizes cars in an instance. ‘I’m quite a goof ball with her. People say I should. But I don’t think so. She’s a kind person and it helps her.’
Another lady waves me off. But then I see her hearing aid and I give her the drawing card to read. A smile comes up as she points her finger on her chin and looks up. She draws for a long time accompanied by great smiles. I ask her something but she doesn’t understand me. So I write on a card: ‘How do I say thank you?’ She brings her hand flat to her chin and makes a motion directed at me. I imitate this loving gesture

Strangers talking to each other
At the last train home, rush hour is in full swing. Tanya wonders out loud whether voting was a beautiful moment for her. Her neighbour comments ‘It’s something.’ She says ‘I went to confession afterwards. But I would also have gone to confession if I voted for the other candidate. But the line was good and lasted for two hours. It went all the way around the library.’ Her neighbour Arthur draws how he saw two birds in the morning. One did ‘Craaakkk Craaaakkk’. The sound echos loudly through the train. And a little bird responded ‘Craaakkk Craaaakkk’. It reminded him of his daughter. In between and after all the drawings they talk to each other. Also a girl sitting next to me and Max on the opposite of the aisle chips inConversations on travelling, where to go and why. And although max has to pick up his wife from the airport, he even offers me a ride home. ‘I know how it is to be far away from your country. It’s good if people help.’

The last train home. Arthur draws, Tanya talks to Kristin on travel.
The last train home. Arthur draws, Tanya talks to Kristin on travel.


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