From a passenger

From a passenger

“So there’s this girl on my train. I heard her talking to someone earlier and I noticed an accent…German, maybe? Anyway, she just got up and walked over to us (she’s sitting right in front of us). She handed me a card and introduced herself. She had coloring pens too. She explained that she is traveling the world (she is Dutch, I was wrong) asking people to draw a beautiful moment in their lives last week. She is collecting these cards all over the world. The project is so intriguing, Amtrak is covering her travel. She has already published one book and is working on her next and a translated version. I’ll post my drawing soon. Train travel rocks.

I am speechless. And my heart is full.”

Diana wrote this on her Facebook after we met on the Amtrak train from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco. She drew the day her niece arrived to stay with her in LA. ‘We went to hollywood, Venice beach, Universal studios and the museum. Now we’re on the train together to Seatle.’

Seized by Diana on July 27th in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

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